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We Can Make A Difference...
Touching Lives for Jesus Ministry is a ministry devoted to reaching the lostdan_Janes-2 and feeding the poor in villages in the country of Romania.

During the last ten years we have had the privilege of working in the country of Romania. June the 5th 2000 God led us to begin a food distribution program in the village of Rosia, Romania.

During that first year we distributed food to three hundred and seventy five families. During the five winter months each family received food every fourteen days according to the size of family. Each bag weighed at least forty pounds consisting of potatoes, bread, pasta, sugar, cooking oil, flour and other items. Today we continue to help the poor in five other villages.

Recently, we have added a hot food program, when finances are available, where we prepare and serve meals at the church two days a week. Food that is left over is sent home with each family.

Many of the families live in small one-room mud houses with no bath facilities or lights. We have observed that many times they have only bread to eat and in numerous instances not even bread. Children go to bed hungry with parents not knowing where their next meal will come from. There is no work in the winter months in these farm villages so therefore they have little or no income. If there is work they will make no more than a $6.00 a day (sun up till sun down) and a loaf of bread costs $1.35.

At the present time the gospel is being preached in the five villages we work in. We have constructed two new churches, one in Fofeldia and another in Hosman. The third new construction is in the village of Ocna Sibiuli (See “The Beginning”)

The ministry now owns houses in two of the villages. We have removed walls and completely renovated them and they serve as a wonderful place of worship.

These churches are planted in villages that have never had the true gospel preached. They are hearing the true word of God and are turning from their old ways. They are becoming new creatures in Christ. God is moving and many are being saved and delivered from sin.

We take teams of pastors and lay people with us on mission trips at least two and up to four times a year. These trips will change a person’s life forever. Feel free to contact us if you have an interest and would like additional information concerning dates and prices. There are things for every one to be involved in. Singing, preaching, conducting kids camps, working on houses and churches and much more. We can assure you that you will not be bored for the lack of something to be involved in. This all takes place in the middle of the beautiful Transylvanian Alps in and around Sibiu Romania. We hope that you will join us on one of our trips.

One main thing we want you to know is that we take no salary or wages out of this ministry for our personal use. All support we receive goes 100% for ministry purposes.

May God richly bless each of you and we thank you for visiting with us.

Love in Christ
Dan & Faye Janes
Dan and Faye Janes
Touching Lives For Jesus Ministry
Founders and Directors

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